Before making it a  bazaar of tulips in Kashmir
It was  home-land with roots for tulips in Kashmir

Partings in curfew scatter parts of my body
My hands are in exile , fingertips in Kashmir

No month is cruelest , yet  you may  forecast
Many moon faces kiss an eclipse in Kashmir

If they send you with hundreds of settlements
There  are a  million Gaza  strips  in Kashmir

When God airs Time's end ,Beware O' Israafyl
It's been  already an  apocalypse in Kashmir

Google Earth chalks architecture  of  occupation
From Sumbal to Leh (sweep) Airstrips in Kashmir

The boy is carried home,(silenced. out of rubble.) 
Last words are often audio clips in Kashmir

Come! O' Mahiwal of the baked glass mountains
My heart  is  a  madhouse , it  dips  in  Kashmir.

"Your Death/Not carried by newspapers/Anymore"
A cry word,  from hand to hand,  slips in Kashmir 

The naked Journalist, running in legs of smoke
cameras ram into gutter_ gun outstrips in Kashmir

The broken mouth is not just a mouth broken
A language it has brought to lips in Kashmir

Is it the graveyard. (you talked about) bloomed into a garden?
Tombstone_ anonymous necklace.Memory flips in Kashmir

The God left the sanctuary to the Gassed saints.
Where are the shrines? Who worships in Kashmir?

Your eyelashes /a date palm /around eye's/ black ocean
In your eyes /of salt water /cry  /polyps in kashmir

The tiresome nightingale trims a quiet quiet strain
and hyacinth blood waters townships in Kashmir

If you have disappeared, shall you ever be sought?
For/some laws. Which /Delhi fog/ equips in Kashmir

When they stole the land, stole even the roads,
Shriek/A bleeding ambulance/ grips in Kashmir

_Daniyal Hassan, 2019