This is a historic picture and moment ! ❤

When was the last time the Supreme Court sent interlocutors to hold discussions with protestors peacefully blocking a main road ? 

When was the last time the interlocutors sincerely greeted hundreds of women protesters with folded hands? 

When was the last time SC interlocutors stood in front of a banner that conveys "Awaz Do: Hum Ek Hai: Hindu-Muslim-Sikh- Isai - Aapas Mein Sab Behen Bhai ? 

When was the last time women from a marginalized and persecuted community displayed such defiance and composure, in the face of relentless repression and vilification? 

When was the last time an entire collective of women asked the most pointed questions, fiercely defended their right (and duty) to continue to protest for the sake of the entire nation and the interlocutors had to return for the day humbled and enriched at the clarity and conviction of the women? 

When was the last time the two Nazist men Mo-Sha were paralyzed by such an ethical and courageous struggle? 

Regardless of the 'outcome' of these parleys, #Shaheenbagh has shown India the way. 

To Love. To Live. To Let Live. 🌸❤

Lakhs of people across the country have already taken the cue. ✊🏾

Now, it is for the rest of us to realize the potential of this unprecedented peace and justice moment and movement and take it forward.🙏

Picture via Makhdum Raza in which Supreme Court appointed interlocutors - Senior Advocates Sanjay Hegde and Sadhna Ramachandran are seen greeting the  #ShaheenBagh protesters.

-Meera Sanghamitra

Social activist