The country does not need a National Citizens Register,


The country does not need a National Citizens Register, rather an Unemployment register
Hundreds of farmers and people’s associations will support the water rights of Bharuch farmers

The 12th day of “Unite India-Save the Constitution” yatra started by reaching Bharuch where the yatris were welcomed by Anil Bhagat (President, Bharuch Jila Panchayat), Balwant singh (Khedut Samaj), Praveen raj (Sarvodaya) Ashok Patel (Khedut Samaj), Mahendra Singh Karmariya (Pramukh, Kheduj Samaj, Bharuch and Narmada District), Badri Bhai Joshi (Sarvodaya Mandal and Environment activist). A press conference was also organized at the guest house of Jila Panchayat office. 
Addressing the press conference, Yatra Convenor Arun Shrivastava said that on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji and to mark 85 years of socialist movement and the freedom movement, Samajwadi Samagam in collaboration with Rastra Seva Dal, Hind Mazdoor Sabha, National Association of People's Movements (NAPM), Socialist Organizations, Hum Bharat Ke Log, Yusuf Meher Ali center and PAIGAM is launching the Samajwadi Vichar Yatra to restore the values of the socialist movement of India and to establish constitutional values and counter anti-constitutional measures like CAA-NRC and NPR, privatization of public sector, rising unemployment, rising inequaity, mob lynching, conspiracy to destroy crores of tribals, increasing crimes on Dalits, women and minorities, deepening agrarian crisis, abolition of labor laws and making the lives of fifty five crore workers insecure by implementing the four labor codes.
Dr. Sunilam said that instead of the waters of Sardar Sarovar dam reaching Bharuch farmers, corporates are getting it. He said that 250 farmer organizations associated with Akhil Bhartiya Kisaan Sangharsh Samanvyay Samiti and 300 organizations associated with National Association of Kisan Sangathan will support the movement of Bharuch farmers, so that they get their water rights. The government not accepting the directives of the High Court with respect to Land Acquisition, shows that government is engaging in contempt of Court while the High Court remains silent. 

Dr. Sunilam said that the river has dried up by 25 kilometers which is why farmers are being forced to drink saline water, while government is doing nothing about it. 
Dr. Sunilam addressed the assemblies and said the Modi has pushed this country into an economic recession by coming out with laws like GST, Demonetization and abrogation of Article 370. On one hand, 1.5 crore people are getting into the job market after studies, while on the other hand, 3.65 crore people have lost their existing jobs in the past 5 years. In totality, 15 crore unemployed people need jobs. This is the reason why people of India do no need a Citizens register, but rather an Unemployment register in which the unemployed should receive 10,000 per month social security. 
Addressing the conference, Badri Bhai Joshi said that the country is suffering from two major problems, communal and environment. He said that even though the British have left this country, the British rule in some form remains. Explaining the current condition of farmers in Bharuch, Mahendra Singh Karmariya said that waters from the Sardar Sarovar Dam was supposed to irrigate 1.66 lakh farmland in 273 villages but the current state is that not even 20,000 hectares are receiving it. Apart from this, land of 300 villages are going to be acquired for 5 upcoming or ongoing projects – Bullet Train, Urban Development Authority, Delhi Mumbai Freight Corridor, Express Highway, GIDC, which it is going to bring misery to the farmers. On top of that, 40 percent of the land of farmers acquired under Urban Development Authority will not be compensated for.
After leaving  Bharuch the Yatris reached PK Desai school at Kim village, where they were welcomed by its principal, Uttam Parmar. The yatra addressed an assembly of students and Pramila sang the song 'Maanu toh mai Ganga Maa hun.' 
Uttam Parmar said that the school was established by Kanji Bhai Desai during the times of independence and Kanji Bhai's two sons Hitendra and Pramod established 12 schools after independence. Hitendra who was also the CM of Gujarat worked towards making education free in Gujarat. He also said that he welcome all the progressives who come to Kim. 
Arun Shrivastava talked about the objectives of this Yatra and gave information about the Socialist Movement. 
Dr. Sunilam educated the children on 'saat kranti' which Dr. Lohia talked about. He also shouted slogans of 'Sanvidhaan Jindabad' along with the students 
The press conference was also attended by the yatris of Samajwadi Vichaar Yatra – PJ Josey (Kerala), Lokesh Bhiwani (Haryana), Vijay Hange (Maharashtra), Ganesh Gondare (Maharashtra), Swati, Pramila and Anjana (Uttarakhand), Bale Bhai (Madhya Pradesh) and Rohan Gupta (Jharkhand). 
The first phase of Yatra will conclude in Hyderabad on 23 March. The yatra will pass through 16 states in this phase. The second phase starts from Champaran on 11 April and will conclude in Patna on 17 May, during which 10 states will be covered. The third phase starts from Sitabadiyara (Ballia) on 11 October and conclude at Narendra Niketan, Delhi on 31 October. More than 500 programs will be organized across the country for the Samajwadi Vichar Yatra. The yatra is being led by chief Convenor Arun Srivastava and co-convenor Dr. Sunilam (former MLA).
The process of Samajwadi Samagam started five years ago to reinvigorate the freedom movement, restore the values of the socialist movement and to fortify constitutional values. Samajwad Samagam’s objective is also to unify the various movements that include people's movements, human rights movements, environmental movements and all democatic and secular movements associated with socialist, Gandhian, Sarvodaya, leftist and Ambedkarite ideals.