Demand free and fair investigation into the death of Judge Loya

Today at around 1 p.m. some of us gathered at the Gateway of India to ask for a free and fair investigation into the death of Judge Loya.

There are many unanswered questions about the death of Judge Loya, who was a CBI Court judge presiding over the Sohrabuddin Fake Encounter case.

In this case CBI had named Amit Shah as accused number one. The case was transferred to Bombay High Court as it was not making any progress in Gujarat (for very obvious reasons).

Judge Loya died on the night of 30 Nov/ 1st December morning due to heart attack.

The questions that remain unanswered are;

1. Who took the decision to take the dead body to Latur village where a second post mortem was not possible instead of bringing him to Mumbai where his family stayed?
2. Why was the shirt of the judge blood soaked when he had suffered a heart attack? Normally after such a death the blood does not flow as the heart has stopped functioning.
3. How come a body on which post mortem had been conducted was still wearing clothes? Normally the clothes are removed and handed over separately to the family.
4. Why did Maharashtra Government order a discrete inquiry instead of a proper investigation?
5. How did Judge Loya's phone travel from Nagpur to Latur (500 Kilometer) on its own and when it arrived a civilian handed over the phone to the family and it was wiped clean of all records and data?
6. Why was Judge Loya taken to an Orthopedic hospital that was located on the first floor of a building when he was in the middle of an heart attack?
7. The ECG printed and published by the newspaper Indian Express was never made available to the SC or the petitioners and as per reading of the ECG, the date of which was wrong, this was not an ECG of a person who was in the middle of a heart attack?
8. Why the Judge not taken to Super Specialty Wockhardt Hospital and instead taken to another second hospital where he was declared dead on arrival?
9. Why did all the witness come to the 'discrete inquiry' on plain paper and not on sworn affidavit?
10. Why no trial ever took place even when the family had expressed apprehension that this looked like a murder and the dead Judge had already confided in his father that he was under pressure to set Amit Shah free and a bribe offer of 100 Crores, land and apartments had been made to him by none other than then CJ,  Mohit Shah?

There are many other unanswered questions, each wanting an answer and each important because it is a case that involves the current Home Minister of the country.

In the interest of serving justice, we ask the Maharashtra Government to do a fair investigation and order a trial.

In the interest of justice, pending an investigation we ask for the resignation of Amit Shah from the cabinet as he is under suspicion and in a position to influence the case.

And apeeal Earnest request to everyone, please share this post and the images.
Vinod Chand