Retired leaders of trade unions leave .. Government passed the bill in Parliament .

 _ Retired leaders of trade unions leave .. Government passed the bill in Parliament .. What is the provision ._

 _ In this connection, the Union Government has passed the Code of Industrial Relations Bill 2020 in Parliament in this regard, which will no longer become the official of non-employees and retired employees of trade unions in NTPC, SECL, Chhattisgarh Electricity Company.  With the implementation of this bill, the leaders of many trade unions have suffered.  These include National President of Labor Organization INTUC G Sanjeeva Reddy, HNS Workers Organization Leader Nathulal Pandey, Resham Lal Yadav, AITUC National President Ravindra Kumar, Provincial General Ministers Avinash Singh, ML Rajak, Deepesh Mishra, Ramu Chetty, National of CITU  Leader DD Ramanandan Sri Sodi and others.  He holds high positions in labor organizations.  They will now have to step down from the trade union ._

The new central government bill provides that non-employees will not be able to become office-bearers of trade unions while the said leader is retired or non-employees and has held long senior positions in the trade union.  The government will now give recognition to the trade unions which will have employees .

 _ Non-employees and retired workers join the trade union, it will not be recognized.  Trade union leaders say that the central government passed the bill in the Corona era.  The Corona period should not have been passed and discussed earlier.  The important thing is that the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh is the first such trade union in the country which consists of office workers. 

 Non-employees do not get a place in the organization ._