In this situation our role as Trade Unions is very challenging of restoring normalcy and  protecting dignity of working class.HMKP

1st May, is celebrated worldwide as International Labour Day, also called as ‘May Day’. This
recognition to working class from International Labour Organization( ILO), has come out of 
struggle and sacrifices of many unsung heroes of yesteryears.
In nineteenth century, industrialization was rapidly growing and workers were being exploited. 
The workers had to struggle for improvement of working conditions, better salary and to limit 
working hours. There were agitations, especially in European countries and America. Chicago 
agitation of 1886 mainly for achieving 8 hours duty is well known. The Chicago protests is now 
celebrated as Labour Day on 1st May.
Since then workers have been continuously struggling, agitating for achieving betterment in 
living and working, depending upon unity and striking power. 
However, today, in 2020 we are in altogether different situations. Working hands have no work. 
Industries are closed. Even petty works are closed, not only in India but all almost all over the 
world. Whole world is in ‘Lockdown’ for last three to four months and likely to continue for 
very long time. Entire world economy has shattered. We are in grip of a contagious virus 
named ‘Corona’ or Covid-19 as declared by WHO. This virus has originated from Wuhan capital 
of Hubei Province of China and has spread over almost all countries claiming lakhs of deaths.
Today, a peculiar situation exists, there is no employee, no employer as everything is closed. 
Even self-employed, farmers are unable to work and earn their living. In India things are worst. 
Migrant workers from one state to another particularly those who work as daily earning 
labourers, be it construction workers, workers in small eateries etc. could not withstand sudden 
declaration of lockdown. Plight of such workforce which is in lakhs, is horrible. Though various 
governments, NGOs are organizing food and shelter, it is far from adequacy. The workers are 
daring to travel for hundreds of kilometers on foot to reach their home places at least to bewith loved once. The present situation and the near future look to be very dark. The economy is 
worst hit. Crores of jobs are lost and at least for about few years things are going to be very 
At this stage broadly, we must acknowledge the sincere efforts of governments, local bodies 
and various organizations including labour unions in disaster management. More than that we 
must acknowledge the hard work that is being put in by medical and other essential services 
like sanitary workers, police, electronic and print media, railways, road, air and waterways 
transportations, provision supplier etc. who are risking their lives in fight against Covid-19 virus.
ILO too has shown it’s concern during safety webinar on 28th April 2020,in which amongst 
others NFITU delegation participated and putforth our view point.
In this situation our role as Trade Unions is very challenging of restoring normalcy and 
protecting dignity of working class. It is also time to review the policies, the strategies of 
governments, politicians and society at large, as to how we want to proceed after we overcome 
the present crisis of the virus.
Now it is proven in this last one month lockdown that the public servants and government 
servants, the government hospitals, essential services like public transports, local government 
bodies have stood true to their positions against all odds and have been performing at risk of 
their lives. When such control is available to government over their employees, is it advisable to 
go on privatization of such organizations. The policy of privatization that has been going on 
crazily needs to be stopped the PSUs are required to be reactivated and optimum utilization of 
human resources has to made to give human touch while reviving economy.
Our beloved leader Late Shri George Fernandes had a clear stand that ‘IF INDUSTRIES EXIST, 
WORKERS EXIST’. Similarly if Nations emerges strong, we shall be strong. HMKP therefore is 
always positive and active in Nation Building. HMKP will deliberate and chalk out our course of 
further action ,once we overcome present Covid-19 crisis.
Our Salute to all those known and unknown heroes of working class movement.

Subhash Malgi
General Secretary,
Hind Mazdoor Kisan Panchayat