This was an incident from a few years ago 

A female staffer alleged her boss sexually harassed her. The boss in retaliation started harassing the family and the female staffer. 

Obviously one of them, either the female staffer or the boss, is telling the truth. 

And to decide who, the boss called for an enquiry and he nominated himself to be one of the members on the enquiry committee. The committee gave a clean chit to the boss and fired the female staffer 

The boss retired soon after. The female staffer was hired back, probably suggesting that she was saying the truth after all.

But no one questioned the boss. 

The boss is the now retired SC judge #Gogoi

Forget punishment, Gogoi got a promotion - a nomination to the Rajya Sabha.

But this post isn't about the constitutionality or the judiciary, it is about women and it is about sexual harassment and it is about other heinous crimes against women, against the girl child, against young, adult and old 

From the highest courts of the country to a 10 year old at the bus stop, this menace, this social evil needs a deeper cleansing of our society, of us as individuals

Attached is a poster based on the latest ncrb report, a grim reminder. We can brush this aside as a law and order problem and for the need for harsher punishments or admit, acknowledge, accept and do something. Start from home, our neighborhood, our community, our society

Suresh ediga