Sanghis keep complaining that #History books under Congress were written by Marxists


Sanghis keep complaining that #History books under Congress were written by Marxists. If so then it would have covered in detail the Feb 18th, 1946 Mutiny by Communists that shook British Govt.

Over 20000 sailors in 78 Ships rose against British command and thus began the Epic '1946 Naval RIN Munity'.

The event thats rarely spoken in Indian and Pakistani History books.

Balai Chand Dutt or BC Dutt was the man who triggered the 1946 Royal Naval Mutiny. 

Today BC Dutt stands erased from Indian History.

A 23 year old Dutt persuaded his comrades to join the revolt, commencing on February 18th 1946, with a hunger strike on the Ship 'HMIS Talwar'. 

Within 3 days, the revolt spread to nearly 75 others ships and nearly 20,000 Indians sailors joined the Mutiny.

Karachi, Bombay, Kochi, Madras and Vizag were the focal points of the Mutiny.

Indian Sailors began offering left-handed salutes to British superior officers.

The Mutiny shook the British Empire and the British had no option but to crush the uprising.

There was a bloodbath at Bombay and a street battle at Karachi. 

The Bombay Students’ Union and the CPI called for a general strike to support the Sailors.

Only One Political Party (CPI) and One National Leader (Aruna Asaf Ali) supported the Mutiny and the Sailors.

The #Congress and the Muslim League condemned the Mutiny (a violent Armed revolution according to both parties), and the Mahasabha & #RSS just remained mute spectators.
Thanks Farzana Cooper 🙏 for this.
Tapesh Chandra Sen