Appeal made to the citizens of Karnataka to not participate in the NPR process.

Having started on 30th January, Samajwadi Vichaar Yatra completed its trip to 7th state, Karnataka.
Appeal made to the citizens of Karnataka to not participate in the NPR process.
Karnataka government is illegal and a fresh state poll should be conducted.
Modi government is ignoring the condition of farmers.
Having started on 30th January from Gandhi Smriti, Delhi, the 26th day of Samajwadi Vichaar Yatra started with participating in a sit-in protest organized by Rayyat Sangh at Anandrao circle to protests against the possible anti-farmer pacts to be made during the ongoing Donald Trump India tour. The protest is being led by Kodihalli Chandrashekhar, G V Vayareddi, Chaamras Patil, Veera Sanghayyar and J C Manjunath. It should be noted that the protest is being conducted on the nationwide call by ‘Kisaan Sangharsh Samanvyay Samiti’.
Addressing the farmers, Dr. Sunilam said that farmer’s unity was the reason they found success in stopping the amendments in Land Acquisition Act and RCEP agreement. Contrary to the wishes of trump and Modi, the 48000 crore pact in Dairy and Poultry industries will not be allowed to move forward as it will ruin the economic conditions of 10 crore dairy farmers and 5 crore poultry farmers.
A press conference was organized in Press Club of Bangalore.
Addressing the press, Dr. Sunilam accused the Central government of ignoring the condition of farmers and said that the Karnataka government is illegal. This government has been made by CBI and IT department threats given to MLAs. Dr. Sunilam demanded fresh state elections in Karnataka. He said that crops worth 1 lakh crore of Karnataka farmers have been destroyed. Compensation worth 60,000 crore was demanded by the Central government has given only 1500 crore as total compensation to Karnataka’s farmers. The declared amount has also not been disbursed yet. On the contrary, the government has given exemptions to tune of 15 lakh crore to corporates. He said that Karnataka’s government is only interested in benefiting the corporates and stealing from farmers.
Accusing the government of misusing section 144, he said that high courts and Supreme Court of the country are repeatedly saying that dissent is an inseparable part democracy. Still, the Karnataka government is using section 144 to disperse crowds protesting against CAA-NRC-NPR. Dr. Sunilam said that writing poetry, acting in plays, sloganeering and giving lectures come under the freedom of expression but the Karnataka government is charging them with sedition.
Addressing the press, Karanataka’s Vidhan Parishad Counsel, BR Patil, ex-MLA NS Khed, GKC Reddy and Arvind Dalwai (Karnataka State coordinators of Samajwadi Vichaar Yatra) and R. Nagesh Aralakuppe (Secretary, Akhil Karnataka Vichaarvadi Sangha) said that the Central government is playing hate politics, the objective of which is distract people from core issues of unemployment, economic crisis. They demanded the setting up of Gopal Gowda’s statue in the premises of Vidhan Sabha. They said that three times MLA Gopal Gowda who gave three CMs to Karnataka was responsible for raising the issues of farmers, have-nots and workers in and outside the Vidhan Sabha. They said that after talking to opposition leader Siddaramaiyyah, they will make announcements concerning people’s protests.
Talking about the Yatra, Convenor Arun Shrivastava said that Yatra Convenor Arun Shrivastava said that on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji and to mark 85 years of socialist movement and the freedom movement, Samajwadi Samagam has launched the Samajwadi Vichar Yatra to restore the values of the socialist movement of India and to establish constitutional values and counter anti-constitutional. He said that till date, the yatra has completed 90 programs and collected 1.5 lakhs in the form of public donations. He said that the first phase of Yatra will conclude in Hyderabad on 23 March which is also the birthdate of Dr. Lohia and martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh . The yatra will pass through 16 states in this phase. The second phase starts from Champaran on 11 April and will conclude in Patna on 17 May, during which 10 states will be covered. The third phase starts from Sitabadiyara (Ballia) on 11 October and conclude at Narendra Niketan, Delhi on 31 October. More than 500 programs will be organized across the country for the Samajwadi Vichar Yatra. He said that political reforms are need to transfer power from the hands of rich elites to the common man.
In addition to the above the Yatris – Aradhana Bhargav (Madhya Pradesh), Appa Saheb (Karnataka), Lokesh Bhiwani (Haryana), PJ Josey (Kerala), Rohan Gupta (Jharkhand), Bale Bhai (Madhya Pradesh) and Anjana (Uttarakhand) were also present.
The yatra is being led by chief Convenor Arun Srivastava and co-convenor Dr. Sunilam (former MLA).
The process of Samajwadi Samagam started five years ago to reinvigorate the freedom movement, restore the values of the socialist movement and to fortify constitutional values. Samajwadi Samagam’s objective is also to unify the various movements that include people's movements, human rights movements, environmental movements and all democratic and secular movements associated with socialist, Gandhian, Sarvodaya, leftist and Ambedkarite ideals.